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Skillshare Create A Character Illustration With Photoshop

In this class, you will learn the process of creating a beautiful Spider Gwen illustration in Adobe Photoshop. We will start with an empty file and work our way up to sketching, outlining, coloring and shading a 2D character illustration.

Skillshare Create a Character Illustration with Photoshop

This course by Cat Coquillette is an excellent introduction to the world of Procreate through the lens of surface design. You'll learn how to create a fun illustration with instructions that teach you how to use reference photos to bring your work to life on the iPad.

This course comes with a ton of free resources like free texture brushes, an on-trend color palette, and more. You'll also walk away with plenty of tips and tricks for using Procreate, even if you're a beginner.

You'll get a comprehensive overview of how to create lettering digitally in Procreate with an in-depth PDF guide for your reference. At the end of the class, you'll have a digital lettering piece of your own name or whatever you choose!

This intermediate course by Lisa Bardot will give you the skills to create a fun illustration style that transforms your digital art into feeling closer to tactile art. To execute this realistic paper cut illustration, you'll need Procreate and some helpful lighting techniques that Lisa will show you.

With this course, you'll enjoy downloadable example files to reference as you follow along. Additionally, this class comes with ten projects to choose from to apply what you've learned, ranging from illustrations to lettering and patterns.

This intermediate course by Liz Kohler Brown will teach you how to create colorful illustrations with textures that create depth and highlights. Using reference images and inspiration boards, you'll see how Liz creates illustrations using a layering of different texture techniques from the class.

With the advanced technology behind Adobe Fresco's Live brushes, you'll be able to achieve a traditional-looking illustration designed to look like one made with watercolor and oil brushes. You'll be able to start with a sketch and then slowly refine it and have it match your unique style.

This class is a Staff Pick on Skillshare for its exceptional value to its students. You'll be able to create a logo even if you have no prior experience with lettering or illustration and transform it into whatever you like. For your final project, you'll make it loop and export it into a GIF or MP4 that you can use on social media.

Charly Clements is a greeting card illustrator, artist, and a Top Teacher on Skillshare. She's taught thousands of students how to create beautiful digital illustrations and hosts fun drawing challenges on her Instagram.

This intermediate course by Floortje Visser will help you create a cute illustration in Procreate that you can animate. You can create the same one shown in the class or apply what you've learned to your own illustration.

This beginner course by Richard Armstrong will help you create a GIF and looping animation from a digital illustration. You can create a doodle, portrait, or anything else to animate for the final project.

Danni Fisher-Shin is an animator and illustrator who has worked with clients like Google, Procreate, and more. She's known for creating empowering female character designs and making the work she wants to see in the world.

This intermediate course by Dylan Mierzwinski gives you a behind-the-scenes look at her freelance design practice. She'll take you through three projects, from the initial email with the client to the final delivery. Afterward, you'll create your own project with the option of making a trifold brochure or invitation.

In this class I'll be taking you through my process of illustrating a character, starting with the concept, then moving into Illustrator to create the shapes, and finally, rendering it in Photoshop. I'll also talk briefly about texture and color adjustments.

Your assignment is to illustrate a character design for a pirate or another fantastical character of your choosing. You'll walk through finding inspiration, developing concepts, building the foundation in Illustrator, rendering in Photoshop, and adjusting colors. Your goal is to create a fun character that you can include in your portfolio!

Explore two ways to become an animation maker: Tap into the power of motion capture with Adobe Character Animator to create expressive animated characters or get an intro to the traditional cartoon animator techniques of Adobe Animate.

Ink illustrations are fun to do and can be a nice addition to your portfolio. In this class you will learn how to create digital ink illustrations using Photoshop. I will show you how you can easily create your own unique ink brushes and textures that you can then use to draw your own beautiful ink illustrations. This way you can combine a traditional hand-painted look with the advantages of working digitally.

Hello there! I'm Ramona, a children's illustrator from Germany. Having an education in graphic design, I started freelancing fulltime in 2012. Since my real passion always was drawing and painting I later switched to being a children's illustrator, which is really a dream job for me! I just love creating little characters and thinking about the world they live in. Illustration is so much more than just a craft. You can tell whole stories only with your images. And that is what resonates most with me. I love to make people smile with my illustrations and it always makes me so happy to hear that I brightened someones day with one of my images.

He covers how each character relates to each other, and creates a consistent world with unique and interesting characters. He makes very deliberate choices that create their personalities and represent their character well.

Because illustration relies on a combination of so many skills and fundamentals, good illustration classes are a little hard to come by. Usually they are just recorded painting processes with some casual narration over the top.

Since Danni makes this animation on iPad with Procreate, there is some Procreate specific stuff that wont apply to animating in other software. Regardless, most of the class is about her process, explaining her choices and describing ideas that are fundamental to animation regardless of what software you use.

In this class she takes her instruction to the next level, and shows how she combines accurate brushstrokes with things like spattering and layered transparent washes, to create beautiful images that would only be possible with watercolor.

I love the ease of making shapes, building repeating tiles, and testing out color palettes in Illustrator, but Photoshop is incredible with adding texture and dimension. I use both programs to create repeating patterns that are both accurate and beautiful. The lessons include:

An illustrator at heart, professional artist Libby VanderPloeg teaches you just how to make your illustrations move. This may not be the best place for beginners to start, but if you have some experience with ProCreate and are looking for a new challenge to take on, this is it. Dive right in and get start with this digital animation course.

Learn, from top teacher Jake Bartlett, how to create and animate your very own, personalized character. And, thanks to easily digestible directions, even the most novice beginner can create something completely customized with this course.

Animation expert, Emanuele Colombo teaches this SkillShare animation class targeted at those with some animation experience. It focuses on how to create lifelike movements within your animations for a realistic final product.

Procreate is an impressively capable illustration tool. Taught by top teacher and professional product designer, Rich Armstrong, this Skillshare course delves into its capabilities and teaches you how to make animated GIFs and videos.

Another simple, and straightforward digital tutorial, from Fraser Davidson, with a pleasing outcome. This Skillshare animation course walks you through every step you need to take to create a basic walk cycle.

What's more, is that anyone interested in graphic design can find the perfect course to suit their needs. Beginners can choose from hundreds of introductory classes covering the necessary fundamentals to kick start their journey, while those more familiar with the field can select a specific skill set to master, like typography or illustration.

Well, good news - anyone can become a graphic design wizard, just like the masters mentioned previously. Everything begins with the fundamentals. There are several basic principles that can help you create balanced, visually appealing designs in minutes!

The Basic Principles Of Graphic Design is a Skillshare graphic design course created specifically with beginners in mind to help them feel more confident with their first ventures into the field.

Because Procreate has unlimited possibilities, the online course focuses on how the app can be used to create lettering. That being said, the skills you learn can be used to create any design you'd like. Lessons are paired with mini-projects that will help you hone your skills while having fun.

As mentioned previously, Procreate can truly be limitless. However, all the basics of tools, tips, and projects are covered by only 2 hours and 37 minutes of content. An afternoon with a new hobby has never been so simple!

Keeping in mind the fact that graphic designs primarily work with color palettes, that's exactly what the course covers - the 7 lesson program teaches you how to create eye-catching palettes in a blink of an eye.

However, just knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator is not enough to create a successful brand design. It takes a specific skill set to capture the exact essence of a brand with no more than lines, letters, and colors.

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