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Where To Buy Olive Brine For Martinis

Where To Buy Olive Brine For Martinis :::

Where To Buy Olive Brine For Martinis

In the cocktail world, olive juice and brine tend to mean the same thing, but there is a difference. Olives produce juice, which is pressed out of the fruit to make products like olive oil and the brine (salted water) for cured olives.

Dirty martinis are the standard gin and dry vermouth of a traditional martini with the addition of olive juice or brine. Olive brine gives a martini a salty bite that perfectly complements the other ingredients.

The Fee Brothers are known for making cordials, bitters, and brines. Their olive brine does not fall short. It is the actual brine used to process green olives, which impart a lot of flavors. The Fee Brothers strain the brine but leave just enough small pieces of olives to give the perfect dirty martini cloudiness and green olive flavor.

1888 Hand Pressed Olive Juice is pressed from whole Spanish olives using a one-ton press. 1888 Olive Juice is far better than the bottom of an olive jar with a true olive flavor with a brine balance. There is also a touch of pimento, creating a really unique addition to your cocktail.

Barsmith offers tons of great cocktail mixes, but their Dirty Martini mix is fantastic. It is made with freshly pressed California Sevillano olives which have a buttery tart flavor. The Barsmith olive brine is unfiltered, which ensures its richness. Reviewers have also frequently commented on how great it is in other cocktails, like with tomato juice in a bloody mary.

Filthy Foods has an entire line of premium mixers and garnishes for cocktails, but their olive brine is superior. They use naturally cured olives that have a rich, nutty, and woody flavor. The juice is filtered five times, leaving it silky and the perfect addition to your martini cocktails. The brine comes in easy-to-store pouches, each of which makes fifteen dirty martinis.

Many of the best olive brines have taken extra care to curate their own unique flavor profiles. Some have extra saltiness, others are buttery, and some have a woody taste, so keep in mind what you are looking for when making your selection.

I used Kettle One and Mezzetta Spanish Queens! Perfection!! Though I must admit, I enhanced, ever so slightly! I used two ounces of olive brine and threw Four olives in! Although your right, it MUST be ICE COLD!! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!!

You only want to use green olives and green olive brine for your dirty martini recipe. I have had restaurants experiment with kalamata brine and black olive brine, and that is something we do not recommend.

If you still prefer the brine you get when you purchase a container of olives, try purchasing your olives from a gourmet food store where you can scoop them into a container yourself. Add extra olive brine so that you can use some to make martinis, yet still have enough left over to cover the olives. When your olive juice starts to get low, add vermouth, which is similar in taste.

Olives are the natural garnish choice for a Dirty Martini, but as JB points out, you can do better than just fishing them out of the jar. Instead, he recommends separating the olives from their brine and storing them in a jar of dry vermouth for about a week, which imparts an added complexity (and is a good way of moderating the vermouth proportions in your Martini). You can also garnish with a different variety of olive than the one that corresponds with your brine; an anchovy- or blue cheese-stuffed olive can add a dash of flair.

If you like your martini dirty, this is the brine for you! Thanks to natural fermentation, this filtered brine from our Australian grown olives has an incredible depth of flavour, making it the perfect addition to your martini mix. Plus, as a byproduct of our olive curing process, this bottled gold ensures that none of the salty, umami goodness that comes from our olive production goes to unnecessary waste.

Dirty Sue olive brine is non-alcoholic, made from the twice-filtered brine of premium olives

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