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The Vampire Diaries - Season 8 ((FREE))

The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama, was renewed for an eighth and final season by The CW on March 11, 2016.[1] On July 23, 2016, The CW announced that the upcoming season would be the series' last and would consist of 16 episodes.[2] The season premiered on October 21, 2016, and concluded on March 10, 2017.[3]

The Vampire Diaries - Season 8

Filming for the season began on July 20, 2016.[39] It was announced on July 23, 2016, that season 8 of The Vampire Diaries would be the series' last and co-creater Kevin Williamson would return as a showrunner.[40][41] Filming for the season ended on February 8, 2017.[42]

Based on 16 reviews, the eighth season holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 8 out of 10. The site's critics' consensus reads, "Even into its eighth season, The Vampire Diaries exceeds genre expectations while still servicing fans with Nina Dobrev's return."[44]

It starts in the Fall of 2017, roughly 2 or 3 months after the events of the seventh season finale and goes on until March 7, 2018. (circa 6 months). It also shows the events that occurs far into the future (probably around 60 years or so).

"You think I want this? I just got married," Stefan tells his brother. But it's been nearly two centuries since Stefan made Damon become a vampire, and as he tells Damon in what might be my favorite line of the entire hour, "I have fought to turn you into the man who deserves the happiness that's out there right now, so let me do this for you." But Damon's still not budging. So Stefan follows that with: "Then let me do this for me."

Suddenly, we're inside the high school, where Elena is awake, and we hear soundbites from earlier seasons, including Stefan asking "Is this the Men's Room?" Just as Elena rounds the corner, she once again bumps into Stefan.

I have a small issue with Stefan, who's just sacrificed himself, saying that Damon is the "better man," but the point is that Damon has finally completed his evolution. He became a "villain" when his brother forced him to become a vampire. And now, almost 200 years later, he's back to being the guy he was before he died, and not just because he's human, but because the self-described selfish vampire has learned to put others first. In terms of redemption, this one moment has delivered it for both brothers: Damon because he was willing to sacrifice himself, and Stefan because he did.

It's also a potentially unintentional nod to the season 2 finale, when Damon, on his deathbed thanks to a werewolf bite, told Elena that he thought she would've liked him if she'd met him when he was human. And now, finally, she's going to get to know that guy.

Returning to the moment, Stefan wipes a tear from Elena's face as he tells her, "It's good to see you, Elena. One last time." The two of them hug before he whispers one final message in her ear. Then, mirroring the moment when she left with Klaus in season 2 and the moment they said goodbye in the season 6 finale, they let their hands slowly separate. They've finally come to the end of their love story. And that's one of the things I love most about this moment. It does not take anything away from Damon and Elena's love story or Stefan and Caroline's love story, but the simple fact that Stefan told Elena that his brother was the right man in this scenario, brings us back to the love triangle that was the foundation of this show for so long. It's a beautiful wink to the fact that maybe there was a future in which Stefan and Elena found their way back to each other. We'll never know. But now, because of Stefan's decision, he's ended their story. But he's also the reason their story began.

By putting Katherine's comment about Stefan being the better man at the beginning of the episode and bringing it back here, it makes the triangle relevant again without undoing years of other relationships. Just like in the season 3 finale, it came down to which brother, but this time, it wasn't about who Elena would choose. Instead, it was about which brother would make the ultimate choice, and once again, it was Stefan. So maybe, in a way, it was always going to be Stefan, whether it was about getting a girl or making a sacrifice.

If I'm being completely honest, I had always imagined an ending more along the lines of what co-creators Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson first dreamed up in season 2, but I also understand why the show had strayed too far from the love triangle for that to work. So in terms of where the show was today and what worked for that, I think they did the best they could've done.

The CW series The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end with its eighth and final season, and the cast and executive producer Julie Plec were able to take some time to reflect while they were at Comic-Con. They will be paying homage to the first season throughout the last season, with little nods along the way.

And yet, as much as it devastates me that Tyler went out that way, I like that the show is making such bold moves in its final season. (More nostalgia for you: This reminds me of the moment Stefan killed Andie in the season 3 premiere, and it made me appreciate just how dark the show was going.)

With Caroline helping out at the Salvatore Boarding School, she's keeping busy in the aftermath after the vast loss in her life. Alaric has not been my favorite character over the past few seasons, but he made perfect sense when he told Caroline to get out of Mystic Falls.

Elena living a happy life as a human with Damon was a perfect end for me. Being a vampire was not something Elena ever wanted, so living out a natural life with her one true love made it all worthwhile.

Seline and the twins summon Cade, and he is intrigued by the offer to have Lizzie and Josie replace the sirens as his servants. They are so young, he will get to hold them from the start. Too bad for Seline, Sybil has a different offer, two vampire brothers who are old enough to start helping Cade now. No child raising involved.

At The Armory, Matt and Alaric bond over how much supernatural things has ruined their lives. So they decide to find a drunk Damon and stake him. Too bad this new deal with Cade means he will be alive and well by next episode. This may be the final season, but it is still too early for The Vampire Diaries to actually kill off one of the Salvatore brothers.

After seven wonderful seasons of vampires, witches, ghosts, werewolves, and everything in between The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end after it's eighth season. The final premiere airs on Friday, Oct. 21 and fans are both excited to see what's in store and sad to see it all come to a close. And while there's a lot that fans want to see happen in the final season, one thing everyone fan wants to know is will Nina Dobrev return for Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries? The actress starred on the show as Elena Gilbert as well as her doppelgänger Katherine Pierce and other various doppel-counterparts. Dobrev left the show after the sixth season, but unlike other characters that have exited the show in the past, Elena didn't actually die, which leaves the door wide open for her return.

In an interview with TVLine at Comic Con, The Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec made it very clear that Dobrev can be expected to make a reappearance in the final season. "Not to put too much pressure on anything, but a promise was made. An emotional promise that I would like see come to life," Plec said about Dobrev's possible return. "There's been friendship promises made and now we'll see if we can deliver on them."

So it seems highly likely that these promises will come to pass, considering she still has a lot of love for her former CW family. However, there is also a back-up plan in place in case Dobrev cannot or won't be able to return for the final season as planned. "Hopefully [Dobrev will] be back, but should it not work out, Julie has planned a great series finale," CW president Mark Pedowitz told TVLine.

Here's to hoping it doesn't come down to that and we will see Elena throughout Season 8 or, at the very least, in the series finale. It wouldn't feel right not having Elena there for the very end when she was there from the beginning. Elena was the main character on The Vampire Diaries for six entire seasons and Dobrev's more sinister character, Katherine, was also adored by many. We'd love to see Dobrev in the final season and hope she can at least make an appearance in the end, so we can wrap up her story once and for all.

The genius of the back half of this season was that it managed to feature a lot of grand, tearful goodbyes or reconciliations before we even got to this point. Series finales are so often bogged down with rushed scenes between couples or friends the writers know the fans want to see one last time.

Knowing that someone major was going to die before the end of the episode, it always felt right for it to be Stefan. That debt could only ever be repaid by gifting Damon with the human life he should have had in the first place, and would one day be able to enjoy with Elena. Stefan becoming human earlier in the season made sense for his character, but it also made sense narratively for this finale.

The Vampire Diaries ended after season 8, but was it canceled? The supernatural drama created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec was based on the book series of the same name written by L.J. Smith. The pilot aired in September 2009 and became the highest-rated premiere since The CW formed in 2006. Its success is why The Vampire Diaries ran for several years, with Plec confirming in 2016 that The Vampire Diaries would conclude the following year. But despite ending after season 8, the series' popularity led to two spinoffs: The Originals (which featured crossovers from several Vampire Diaries characters including Stefan Salvatore), and Legacies. 041b061a72

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