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Armik - Reflections: A Review of the 2012 Album by the Iranian-American Guitarist

Armik - Reflections: A Review of the 2012 Album by the Iranian-American Guitarist

Armik is a renowned guitarist who specializes in flamenco, Spanish guitar, and world music. He has released over 30 albums since his debut in 1994, and his latest one is called Reflections. Released in 2012 by Bolero Records, Reflections is a collection of 13 instrumental tracks that showcase Armik's virtuosity, creativity, and passion for music.


The album opens with the title track, Reflections, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is a melodic and soothing piece that features Armik's signature guitar style and technique. The next track, In Love, is a romantic and tender song that expresses Armik's feelings for his wife. It is followed by Remembering Isla del Sol, a tribute to one of his previous albums, Isla del Sol, which was inspired by his travels to Bolivia. The song has a nostalgic and exotic vibe that transports the listener to a different place and time.

The album continues with Summer in Marbella, a lively and upbeat song that captures the essence of the Spanish city. It is followed by Mi Guitarra Roja, a song that showcases Armik's love for his red guitar. The song has a fiery and passionate flair that demonstrates Armik's mastery of flamenco. The next track, Moon Dance, is a smooth and elegant song that evokes the beauty of the night sky. It is followed by Una Historia de Vida, a song that tells a story of life through music. The song has a dynamic and expressive quality that reflects Armik's emotions and experiences.

The album goes on with Nights in Seville, a song that pays homage to the Andalusian city. It is followed by Inspiration, a song that reveals Armik's sources of inspiration for his music. The song has a serene and graceful feel that soothes the listener. The next track, Spanish Sun, is a bright and cheerful song that celebrates the warmth and joy of the sun. It is followed by Ronda, a song that honors the historic town of Ronda in Spain. The song has a majestic and grandiose atmosphere that impresses the listener.

The album concludes with Solo Fire, a solo guitar piece that showcases Armik's skills and talent. It is followed by Sentimientos, a bonus track that was previously released on Armik's Greatest Hits album. The song is a sentimental and heartfelt piece that conveys Armik's feelings through music.

Reflections is an album that reflects Armik's musical journey and vision. It is an album that offers a variety of styles, moods, and themes that appeal to different tastes and preferences. It is an album that demonstrates Armik's artistry, versatility, and originality as a guitarist and composer.

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