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The Best Christmas Trees To Buy

Reviewed's mission is to help you buy the best stuff and get the most out of what you already own. Our team of product experts thoroughly vet every product we recommend to help you cut through the clutter and find what you need.

the best christmas trees to buy


To help you in your search for the tree of your dreams, we tested popular traditional evergreens, evaluating them for ease of set-up and disassembly, stability and aesthetics, including how closely it resembles realistic trees, and how easy it is to light and decorate.

After hoisting and packing away seven artificial Christmas trees, fluffing branches, hanging ornaments, adjusting tree lights, and arranging presents at their feet, one tree stood out head and shoulders above the rest: Twinkly Christmas Tree (available at Amazon) . However, there are plenty of great artificial Christmas trees in our guide to choose from.

PE trees, like the most highly rated on our list, cost more than PVC (polyvinyl chloride), because they are more realistic looking (especially up close), more durable, and last longer. This said, once decorated and lit, all the trees we tested look fairly magical.

The Balsam Hill Fraser fir branch tips are lifelike in color and shape, and they require very little fluffing (especially compared to the other trees), just a little tweaking into place so that they spread out evenly. Polyethylene (PE) needles mimic the structure, texture, and color variations of natural evergreens.

With the other trees, we had grown to dread the packing up stage, but our worries were unfounded this time. We were looking forward to having the canvas storage bags, but even better was that the tree needed minimal compressing to fit into them. All in all, it was a pleasurable, stress-free decorating experience.

We lugged the trees in their shipping containers from our front porch, assembling them in a corner of the living room, hanging ornaments (and lights, if necessary), affixing a tree-topper, and placing boxes of various sizes at the base of the tree, which had been encircled with a tree skirt.

One factor that earned Balsam Hill's Fraser Fir a spot on our list of best artificial Christmas trees is its sturdy stand with wheels. This trait is unique among the trees we tested, and it allows for easy movement during set up.

Artificial Christmas tree needles are usually made from either PVC (at left) or PE (at right). PVC needles are made using cut-out PVC material (seen in the majority of the trees we tested), while PE needles, as seen on the Balsam Hill and the Treetopia trees, are injection-molded and completely three-dimensional, offering a more realistic look and feel.

Unlike PVC Christmas trees, which are made using cut-out PVC material, PE trees are injection-molded and completely three-dimensional, using branches from real trees, resulting in an instant realistic-looking Christmas tree.

In the U.S., around 10 million artificial trees are purchased each season. Nearly 90 percent of them are shipped across the world from China, resulting in an increase of carbon emissions and resources. And because of the material they are made of, most artificial trees are not recyclable and end up in local landfills. Not to mention the smell of new plastic is just not as nostalgic as a crisp, fresh evergreen.

If going to pick out a Christmas tree is less of a beloved family tradition and more of a stressful to-do list item, there are alternatives that are just as festive. Many stores are selling real Christmas trees that you buy online and pick up or have delivered to your home.

The earlier you order your tree, the better. Check the retailer's shipping information to find out the last day for delivery by Christmas. Additionally, though the price of the trees may qualify you for free shipping, there is often a weight restriction that means you'll have to pay extra for shipping.

If you're looking to keep the holiday festivities low-fuss, artificial trees have become so convincing that their beauty matches their convenience. Check out our guide to the best artificial Christmas trees for a variety of options at different price points. We've also collected the best places to buy Christmas decorations, ornaments, and holiday lights.

Most of the fresh trees at Home Depot fall into the price range of $50 to $200, depending on tree height and species. However, stock is going fast. A few trees we found were a 5- to 8.5-foot Fraser fir grown in Oregon and a 6-foot Fraser fir out of South Carolina.

A Tree to Your Door offers a detailed overview of all four types of trees they sell, along with constantly updated stock information and replacement options. Right now, you can choose from balsam fir, concolor fir, Fraser fir, and white pine in sizes ranging from 3 to 8.5 feet.

For fresh-cut trees, Hammacher Schlemmer is a great choice. You can get a Fraser fir between 4.5 and 8.5 feet for $129.95 to $199.95, plus a truck fee. The company will cut the tree the day it ships, and you can choose a delivery window starting November 14 through December 16.

The variety of species and prices ($29 to $169) at Lowe's are major selling points, but be sure to enter your zip code to find which trees are actually available in your area. The selection includes trees at nurseries in local stores offering curbside pick-up. Lowe's is well-stocked at the time of this writing, and most trees also qualify for free delivery.

Walmart launched its free tree delivery and Christmas light-hanging services last year. The majority are tabletop trees, perfect for small gatherings, apartment decorating, or deciding to get a tree at the last minute. There is at least one 6- or 7-foot Fraser fir option.

Williams Sonoma may only have Fraser firs at the moment, but it's a great, classic choice. These trees, grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, are eight to 10 years old, retain their needles fairly well, and are about as uniform as your stereotypical Christmas gets.

You can choose between 3- to 4- through 8- to 9-foot trees, or this 2- to 3-foot potted tabletop one. They'll be shipped to your doorstep within 48 hours of being harvested, and you can choose from four delivery windows. Note that there's a delivery surcharge between $15 and $50 depending on the size you select.

For a smaller, though pricier, tree, Harry & David offers two living, pre-potted trees from $109 to $140. The Holiday Spruce Tree (with lights) is a blue spruce that comes with a red-and-black-plaid decorative pot cover and 40 white LED lights, while the Rustic Christmas Tree is an Alberta spruce that comes in a reclaimed wood container with a (faux) garland of holly berries and pine cones.

Want a tree that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? 100 percent of the proceeds from the Christmas trees sold at this Park Slope stand benefit Old First Nursery School, the oldest cooperative preschool in New York City. Pre-order a tree online, then stop by to enter an exclusive raffle with more than $2,000 in prizes, including tickets to Wicked on Broadway.

Find artificial trees from Wayfair, Amazon and more in a variety of sizes and for a range of budgets. Choose from spruces to Donner firs. Some of these trees are pre-lit or even pre-decorated. You can also find a smart tree that's Alexa-compatible.

State of play: Our readers, who voted between Justin and Monica's picks, are split right down the middle on the great Christmas tree debate, with real trees enjoying a tiny piney edge in our informal poll.

For the freshest and healthiest tree, you should patronize an established tree farm or a lot that brings in trees from local farms. The ones that the farms sell are grown specifically to retain their needles.

When it comes to decorating a flocked Christmas tree, one of the best things about this style is that it already has so much depth and dimension, which makes them already beautiful even without decorations.

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In Florida, red cedar, Virginia pine, sand pine, spruce pine and Leyland cypress are grown specifically for use as Christmas trees. Each year, the young trees must be shaped or pruned to encourage the tree to branch more quickly and gradually achieve the full, bushy appearance people prefer in their Christmas trees. It takes three to six years to grow a well-shaped tree that is 6 to 8 feet tall.

Christmas tree harvesting does not upset the ecology, because more trees are planted than harvested each year; the general rule is to plant two to three trees for every tree cut. While growing, Christmas trees provide environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat and increased soil stability. Purchasing a homegrown Florida tree is good for the environment because less fuel is used in transportation. It also supports the farmers of the state and boosts Florida's economy.

Many Florida tree farms offer customers the option to choose and cut their own Christmas trees. When you visit a Florida tree farm, remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Christmas trees grow in natural environments, so watch for uneven ground and stumps. Bring your camera so you can capture this special part of your holiday tradition.

Here is a list of Florida Christmas tree growers who are members of the Florida Christmas Tree Association. Many offer potted trees, pre-cut trees and choose-and-cut trees. Some also offer wreaths, arts and crafts, gifts, and onsite family activities such as hay rides. Call ahead to confirm availability and dates and hours of operation.

Our guide shares where to buy Christmas trees in Northern Virginia, whether you want to cut your own tree or choose a pre-cut beauty at local markets. Tis the season to bring the smell of fresh pine into your home for the holidays.

Krops Crops normally opens a field of cut-your-own trees for the holiday season. In addition, you can buy pre-cut trees, seasonal decorations, and firewood at Krop's Crops during the holiday season. 11110 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls. Combine your visit with a scenic drive on the Georgetown Pike and a visit to nearby Great Falls Park. 041b061a72

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