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Buy Steering Wheel Cover

The Valleycomfy microfiber leather steering wheel cover reigns supreme in the comfort category. Microfiber is a synthetic polyester and nylon fabric designed to be ultra-soft and super absorbent. The fabric gives the driver a better grip on the steering wheel for more control on the road while still maintaining a luxurious feel. The style of this steering wheel cover is sleek and modest for those who want their steering wheel to blend seamlessly with the car interior. Microfiber has the added benefit of keeping a constant temperature. But microfiber is more vulnerable to wear and tear.

buy steering wheel cover

As easy to install as it is on the budget, the Kafeek Elastic Steering Wheel Cover features an elastic rubber ring in its design that makes it easy to mount without tools yet keeps the cover securely in place. Breathable microfiber construction prevents odors while making your wheel feel cool to the touch in summer and warm in winter while providing a secure and comfortable grip regardless of temperature. Its padded design aids with comfort without adding too much bulk.

Steering wheel covers are a cheap alternative to a real upholsterer who will cut, measure and wrap a steering wheel with quality leather. Nothing you see here is of high quality. But considering these covers are made from mostly synthetic materials and are made to fit hundreds of different car models, we did our best to find the best values for the protection and comfort they offer.

If you are a frequent driver, then you know how uncomfortable latching onto steering wheels can be. Your palms get sweaty, the steering wheel gets slippery, and you may even get blisters. Such discomfort can make you lose focus on the road, which can be risky. Manufacturers have come up with a plethora of steering wheel options that can relieve your discomfort. Follow our review on the best car steering wheel cover for a breakdown of a few options that you can check out.

Steering wheel covers serve a variety of purposes. They protect your steering wheel from cracking and deteriorating after being exposed to long periods of sunlight. A cover can also keep the wheel from excessive wear. This is important if you decide to sell your vehicle at some point. Depending on the material, a cover can also keep the wheel cooler when it's subjected to hot temperatures. Conversely, it can provide some warmth when the temperatures drop. A high-quality steering wheel cover can cushion your hands and reduce fatigue while you drive. Check out some of the best steering wheel covers available in this guide.

I took several factors into consideration when compiling this list of the best steering wheel covers. I made sure to include products with high-quality construction. I looked at features such as size, feel, durability, and price. Although steering wheel covers aren't usually expensive, I wanted to include options that fit a range of budgets. I also made sure to check consumer feedback to see how these covers perform in real-world conditions and how easy or difficult they are to install. For more information on the methodology, go here.

On the flip side, the cover is difficult to install. Synthetic leather also shows signs of wear faster than genuine leather. The material is also not as heat resistant as a high-end steering wheel cover should be.

The Auto Drive Universal-Fit Steering Wheel Cover is slightly different from our other options in that it's available in tan. It's fairly simple to install, especially if it's warm, because the soft leatherette material becomes more pliable. The cover stretches a little bit during installation but provides a nice, snug fit due to its stretchy core. It provides both grip and a cushioned feel for your hands.

The AutoCraft Steering Wheel Cover fits 15-inch and smaller steering wheels. It is constructed of smooth, durable leatherette and features a foam padding that provides a comfortable feel. Your hands get a good grip on this cover, which makes long drives easier to tolerate. It includes an odorless TPR inner ring with an anti-slip design, so it will remain firmly in place on your steering wheel.

No tools are required for installation, and it will keep your wheel from deteriorating. We also like its non-obtrusive simple design. One downside is that the stitching may start to come apart prematurely. Also, even if you leave it out in the sun or heat it up with a hair dryer, it can be a little challenging to install.

My pick for the best steering wheel cover is the SEG Direct Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover. The soft microfiber leather feels good in your hands and won't slip. Unlike many rival products, it doesn't emit an odor, and it's resistant to heat, cold, and wear. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover.

You can get a good-quality steering wheel cover for less than $20. If you're looking for a product that will improve your grip and protect your hands from various temperatures, steering wheel covers in this price range should satisfy your needs. They are available in a range of materials, including cloth, rubber, and synthetic leather. If you spend a little more, you will find genuine leather covers that are highly durable and both heat- and cold-resistant. Expect to pay more for high-end brands.

Pilot Automotive partners with Microban International to offer powerful antimicrobial product protection that is built-in to it's line of steering wheel covers. Pilot Steering Wheel Covers with Microban technology are protecting against the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew on the surface of the steering wheel cover. Microban antimicrobial technology provides 24/7 product protection for the life of the steering wheel cover.

Pilot Automotive offers three unique styles of Microban treated steering wheel covers. Available in Midnight, Silverstone and Beige, each unique cover provides additional grip when driving due to the anti-slip rubber core on the inside and fits most steering wheels with 14.5" to 15" diameter. Staying cleaner in between cleanings and lasting much longer than unprotected covers, Pilot Automotive covers featuring Microban technology are easily the best steering wheel cover choice for shoppers looking for a cleaner driving experience.

Pilot has expanded their partnership with Microban to include the Pilot Seat Cover featuring built-in Microban technology which protects against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The seat cover is crafted from quality faux leather that is soft and comfortable to sit on to makes for a relaxing drive.

The best steering wheel covers can be judged and evaluated on a variety of different factors, such as their fit on a steering wheel, the cover material, and how easily it can be gripped by the driver. Below, we suggest the best steering wheel covers based on our testing experience.

The steering wheel covers in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and price. Our product testing team then ordered the five steering wheel covers that best met these standards.

The SEG Direct Car Steering Wheel Cover is a faux leather steering wheel cover designed to fit 14.0-inch to 14.25-inch steering wheels. The durable microfiber pleather is significantly softer than the leather you would find on a factory-installed steering wheel. The delicate splicing design featured on this cover adds texture while still remaining relatively unnoticeable.

This is a non-slip steering wheel cover as it is constructed from a microfiber leather exterior and a rubber lining on the interior. The steering wheel cover offers a comfortable grip while simultaneously absorbing hand sweat caused by the heat of summer. This cover also comes in 10 different colors. It should be noted that the steering wheel cover fits Honda Civics from 2006 to 2015, amongst many other popular vehicles.

Material: The faux leather material that this car wheel protector is constructed from feels incredible to hold and will likely enhance your driving experience. SEG Direct microfiber leather used in construction feels good to hold and is surprisingly soft.

Grip: This steering wheel cover allows you to get a firm grip on the steering wheel due to its anti-slip properties. We tried holding the steering wheel at various angles while pulling from different directions and felt there was no chance your hands would slip off the wheel while driving.

Fit: It can be tricky to fit this steering wheel cover as it is very tight. It helps if you allow the cover to sit in the sun for a few hours before installation. We were eventually able to install this cover and once attached it did not slip.

Material: Leather is a durable material, meaning this steering wheel cover is unlikely to rip or tear, even after several years of use. While not as soft as some of the other steering wheel covers made from synthetic materials, the Lusso Gear cover is nonetheless soft to the touch.

Most love the appearance of this steering wheel cover. It is a nice addition for cars with leather interiors especially. Customers also report that their covers are easy to grip and attach firmly to the steering wheel with no slippage. A few customers have had difficulty installing this steering wheel cover, but it is possible they ordered the wrong size.

FanMats makes a number of branded steering wheel covers. In addition to NBA logos, it also has covers featuring teams in the NHL, NFL, and NCAA. These covers are inexpensive but will protect your wheel while offering a comfortable grip.

Fit: We had no issue installing the FanMats cover over the wheel of our Ford Focus. It takes a bit of pulling, but this is the case with pretty much every cover that we tested. Overall, this cover was installed easier than most.

Customers like this steering wheel cover for its grip properties. Many comment that it feels great in the hands. One recurring complaint is that it can be hard to install, taking some elbow grease to get around a wheel. 041b061a72

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