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Visual Lighting Software: A Powerful Tool for Lighting Designers

Visual Lighting Software: A Powerful Tool for Lighting Designers

If you are a lighting designer, you know how important it is to have a software tool that can help you create, visualize, and analyze your lighting projects. Whether you are working on interior or exterior spaces, you need a software that can handle complex geometries, multiple light sources, and different lighting effects. You also need a software that can provide accurate calculations, photorealistic renderings, and professional documentation.


That's why you should consider Visual Lighting Software, a comprehensive lighting analysis desktop application designed for demanding interior and exterior applications. Visual Lighting Software combines an advanced 3-D interface with the latest advances in radiosity theory to provide efficient and highly accurate analysis of complex architectural spaces.

What can Visual Lighting Software do for you?

Visual Lighting Software can help you with every stage of your lighting design process. Here are some of the features and benefits of using Visual Lighting Software:

  • Import PDF, DWG, or Google Map images: You can start your design by importing existing floor plans, site maps, or aerial images into Visual Lighting Software. This will save you time and ensure accuracy in your design.

  • Create lighting layouts: You can easily place light fixtures, luminaires, lamps, and daylight sources in your model. You can also adjust their properties, such as wattage, color temperature, beam angle, aiming direction, dimming level, and more.

  • Calculate lighting performance: You can perform various calculations to evaluate your lighting design, such as illuminance, luminance, uniformity, glare ratings (UGR), energy consumption, daylight factor, and more. You can also compare different lighting scenarios and optimize your design for efficiency and aesthetics.

  • Render photorealistic images: You can generate stunning images of your lighting design with realistic shadows, reflections, and colors. You can also navigate and view your model from different angles and perspectives while refining the output.

  • Export to Visual Controls Software: You can export your lighting design to Visual Controls Software, a comprehensive design software for creating lighting controls design for a space. Visual Controls Software will provide product recommendations, assist with product placement, and automate the design process.

  • Generate professional documentation: You can create detailed reports and drawings of your lighting design, such as bill of materials, sequence of operations, riser diagrams, photometric data tables, contour plots, false color images, and more. You can also customize the layout and format of your documentation to suit your needs.

How to get started with Visual Lighting Software?

If you are interested in trying out Visual Lighting Software, you can download it from and start your free 1-month trial today. You will also find helpful resources on the website, such as training videos, tutorial projects, knowledge base articles, and customer service support.

Visual Lighting Software is compatible with Windows 10 operating system and requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 1 GB disk space. You will also need an internet connection to activate the software license and access online features.

Visual Lighting Software is a powerful tool for lighting designers who want to create high-quality lighting projects with ease and efficiency. Download it today and see for yourself how Visual Lighting Software can transform your lighting design process. 29c81ba772

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