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[S5E5] Save The Cat


The moment Bow takes Catra into his arms to carry her onto the ship, Glimmer already knows.-or-I rewatched save the cat and was possessed by the desire to write the final scene from Glimmer's perspective

(Day 1) Future: Bow is away from his wife and his daughter, missing them like crazy, so what does he do? Watches all the videos he has of them, much to the dismay of the other royals who just want to start the meeting(Day 2) Beach day: Glimmer wants to spend the day on the beach with her best friends and her new boyfriend. But people can't stop flirting with Bow, and he literally has no idea. But she has a plan.(Day 3)Superhero: Being a hero is hard, and all Bow wants to do is just a get a good night's sleep-but that can be pretty hard to do when Glimmer, his crush, is in his room saying she knows his big secret, and worse, he has no idea which secret she's talking about.(Day 4) Missing Scene: The war is over and Adora just wants her 2 best friends to get together already- Oh wait, they did, she just doesn't know it yet. Aka, Adora finds out her ship is canon.(Day 5) Sleepover: Bow is a spy from the Horde, sent to befriend the princess. It's his first night in Brightmoon, he realizes Glimmer is nothing like he expected.(Day 6) Myths: Hercules AU. Bow tries to save Glimmer from a dragon- but she doesn't want to be saved.(Day 7) Hurt/Comfort: Glimmer has a nightmare, Bow is there for her.

Alex Lowe reaches Max Ellison's room in the hospital, who has gotten an infection from the measles, prompting the doctors to ask his mother to sign a DNR. Alex feeds on blood bags in a closet and injects some of her blood into Max, and saves him. Donovan and Iris meet Ramona Royale with the plan of making Iris their "inside man" to Elizabeth. At the hotel, Liz Taylor offers a drink to Iris, which turns out to be blood. Although Liz is excited about Iris' rebirth, the latter muses on her eternal life of being invisible.

In 1968, the biggest show on telly was It's A Knockout!, which was sort of like Eurovision for sport, with international competitors representing their countries in silly games while competing in oversized costumes. This week's heat is coming from Oxford, and Fancy is competing! He was, anyway, until he sprains his ankle, leading Morse to take his place and to be there when bullets take down the West German competitor, Pfuscher. A stray shot accidentally hits a young boy as well. Luckily, DeByrn gets the boy to the hospital and his quick work saves the child. The West German, not so fortunate.

Chase and Cameron start getting more serious about their relationship. Eventually, Chase plans to propose to Cameron, but when she learns about his plans, she starts making excuses not to go away with him. She finally confesses that she doesn't know what do. Chase proposes anyway, and Cameron finally accepts. Shortly thereafter, House takes over the planning of Chase's bachelor party, hiring a stripper and hosting it at Wilson's apartment. While at the bachelor party, Chase does a body shot off of Karamel, a stripper suggested by the Amber hallucination who was also at Wilson's bachelor party for his third wife. The stripper had used strawberry body butter, and as a result of his strawberry allergy, Chase goes into an anaphylactic shock, and is saved by a medical student with an Epipen. House realizes that he knew about Karamel's body butter and that the his subconscious was out to get Chase - the Amber hallucination has become dangerous.

At work, Megan is telling Ray about Brenda's bad behaviour and that she has to pay for one the teachers dentistry. Irene reminds her she is in a team meeting and to get back to the topic at hand, how to save the family centre. So far the petition campaign has received a few signatures, some of them being cartoon characters, dead films tars and Osama Bin Laden. 58 has been donated and will go to the cause when it is returned from whoever took it and Clare wants more middle class enforcements so she or

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