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Fix Maker V32 Samsung [HOT]

Fix Maker V32 Samsung ->>->>->>

Fix Maker V32 Samsung [HOT]

They still did not fix this. What a ****. Submitted as an issue and they said that it's the issue from the whatsapp but no samsung. How come one whatsapp works fine but not the dual one. Shame on samsung.

This list is out of date.Currently, the most likely problem with getting a clone Nano to work is that it uses the obsolete 'C' version of the CH340 chip. These obsolete chips are being dumped onto the market at giveaway prices, and the clone makers are using them without realizing the problem. This can be hard to detect because the writing on the chip is very faint, and the current version is "G" which looks almost the same. The symptom is that the USB connection is recognised (and the port will likely include CH340 in the port name) but the download from the IDE fails.The solution is simple: In Tools you need to select processor (not just Board and Port) and set it to "ATmega328P (Old Bootloader)". If you don't have this option for Processor you need to get a newer version of the IDE. 1e1e36bf2d

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