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How I Met Your Father

Grab the remote, set your DVR, or queue up your streaming service of choice! GLAAD is bringing you the LGBTQ highlights on TV this week. Check back every Sunday for up-to-date coverage in LGBTQ-inclusive programming on TV.

How I Met Your Father

Their first quippy exchanges have the effect of someone leaning into your face and whispering the word "moist" over and over again. It's a legitimate adjective but one that disgusts enough of the world's population that wordsmiths stretch for other ways of describing snack cakes and basements.

You know what they say about April and rain, right? Well, it feels like it's showering movie goodness on the major streaming services, too, with a ton of great new (and classic) films being added to their libraries. We know you don't want to miss a thing, so we're keeping tabs on all of the new arrivals worth your attention.

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Valentina: Look at you, literally whistling while you work. I've never seen you this happy with your pants on. Charlie: What can I say? I love earning an honest living. Although, now that you mention it, this job would be heaven without pants.

In the two-part mid-season finale, Hilary Duff's Sophie starts dating an older guy and starts suspecting that he may be her father. In a frenzy, she runs away from his house and crashes into a car with the license plate LGNDRY. Out of that car comes out Neil Patrick Harris' Barney.

The out actor will appear on the two-episode mid-season finale of How I Met Your Father, which follows the character Sophie (Hilary Duff) leading up to her meeting the father of her son. Kim Cattrall plays an older version of Sophie in a framing story. 041b061a72

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