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Pack Tweaks Registry For Windows 7 To Speed Up Bootstrap


Pack Tweaks Registry For Windows 7 To Speed Up Bootstrap

To understand how these features work, the best reference ismeta/classes-recipe/image.bbclass.This class lists out the availableIMAGE_FEATURES of which most map to package groups while some, suchas debug-tweaks and read-only-rootfs, resolve as generalconfiguration settings.

If build speed and package feed maintenance are considerations, youshould consider the points in this section that can help you optimizeyour tunings to best consider build times and package feed maintenance.

If you select the same tune for several different machines, theOpenEmbedded build system reuses software previously built, thusspeeding up the overall build time. Realize that even though a newsysroot for each machine is generated, the software is not recompiledand only one package feed exists.

In this example,the main module is taken from the Git repository and dependencies aretaken from the NPM registry. Other than those differences, the recipe isbasically the same between the two methods. You can build and deploy thepackage exactly as described in the previous section that uses theregistry modules method.

If you have Excel 2007, install the latest service pack, or upgrade to Office 2010 or later. Office 2007 Service Pack 1 improved Excel's speed and fixed some bugs; Service Pack 2 fixed further bugs and improved Excel's stability. After you install an Office 2007 Service Pack, run a repair by following these instructions: Repair of Excel or Project.

If you want to quickly jump into things and forgo the rest of this post or just read it later, just read the bit about instaling packer or go right to their download page and then clone my packer-templates github repo. This has the packer template, and all the other artifacts needed to build a windows 2012 R2 VirtualBox based Vagrant box for windows. You can study this template and its supporting files to discover what all is involved.

Installing packer is super simple. Its just a collection of .exe files on windows and regardless of platform, its just an archive that needs to be extracted and then you simply add the extraction target to your path. If you are on Windows, do yourself a favor and install using Chocolatey.

In a perfect world I would have the windows install process enable winrm early on in my setup. This would result in a machine restart and then invoke provisioners that would perform all of my image bootstrap scripts. However, there are problems with that sequence on windows and the primary culprit is windows updates. I want to have all critical updates installed ASAP. However, windows updates cannot be easily run via a remote session which the provisioners do and once they complete, you will want to reboot the box which can cause the provisioners to fail.

Instead, I install all updates during the initial boot process. This allows me to freely reboot the machine as many times as I need since packer is just waiting for winrm and will not touch the box until that is available so I make sure not to enable winrm until the very end of my bootstrap scripts.

Note the winlogon registry edit at the beginning of the boxstarter bootstraper. Without this, boxstarter will not turn off the autologin when it completes. This is only necessary if running boxstarter from a autologined session like this one. Boxstarter takes note of the current autologin settings before it begins and restores those once it finishes. So in this unique case it would restore to a autologin state.

While there are many package sets, and thus many edges, the stages can also be arranged in a linear chain. In other words, many of the edges are redundant as far as connectivity is concerned. This hinges on the type of bootstrapping we do. Currently for cross it is:

Bower is a package manager for web site front-end components. Bower packages (comprising of build artefacts and sometimes sources) are stored in git repositories, typically on Github. The package registry is ru

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