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Lucille Ball Hair Style ((BETTER))

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At some point later, Lucy acquired the emerald-shaped aquamarine ring. Style-wise it is akin to her statement making fiery red hair. A natural brunette the transition to ginger, apparently a suggestion from one of the studios, really lit up her style.

Women continued to try out a wide variety of new and interesting hairstyles throughout the 2000s as they had in decades past, which brought a massive array of unique hairstyles into mainstream popularity. One of the most iconic looks of the decade was the stripey or chunky highlights in super straight hair, often paired with clipped back bangs or flat ironed bangs. Layers also dominated the scene from the red carpet to high school hallways, often with flipped out ends for a little extra flair. Hair accessories diminished in popularity, but headbands became more popular than ever as a way to control straight hair.

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This episode marks the last time Lucy Ricardo wheres here famous bun hairstyle as well as for the most part showcasing her own real hair. After this episode Lucy will begin wearing wigs fashioned in a shorter hairstyle that makes her look somewhat more matronly. Despite having a full head of hair the wigs allow Ball to hide skin clamps that effectively stretch her skin giving her face the temporary look of a face lift and thus look younger. Ball was encouraged to do this by good friend Ann Sothern. With a few exceptions Ball will wear wigs like this for the rest of her career.

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Lucille Ball is synonymous with red hair, but she didn't always have ginger locks. She was a natural brunette and even had blonde hair before hair stylist Sydney Guilaroff made the ingenious move to turn the actress into a redhead, according to Yahoo. And, no, Ball didn't wear a wig. However, it was a challenge to maintain her hair style. According to one of her stylists, Irma Kusely, Ball's hair was actually golden apricot, not red. Kusely explained, "I used regular hair dye [to color it], and then a henna rinse, which she was famous for. She had a safe of [the henna] in my garage." 1e1e36bf2d

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