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Watch Dil Jo Na Keh Saka In Full HD - A Romantic Hindi Movie \/\/TOP\\\\

Hindi Full Movies Dil Jo Na Keh Saka 1080p

If you are looking for a romantic Hindi movie to watch online, you might want to check out Dil Jo Na Keh Saka, a 2017 film starring Himansh Kohli and Priya Banerjee. This movie follows the story of two childhood friends who go their separate ways to pursue their dreams, but eventually reunite in their hometown and discover that there is more to their relationship than just friendship.

Watch Dil Jo Na Keh Saka in Full HD - A Romantic Hindi Movie

In this article, we will tell you more about the movie, its cast, its plot, its songs, and how you can watch it in full HD quality online.

Cast of Dil Jo Na Keh Saka

The movie features Himansh Kohli as Jay Bhanushali, a young man who wants to become a filmmaker. He is best friends with Sia Malhotra, played by Priya Banerjee, a girl who dreams of becoming a singer. They both study in the same college and share a close bond, but never confess their feelings for each other.

The movie also stars Manoj Pahwa as Jays father, Farida Dadi as Jays grandmother, Deepika Amin as Sias mother, Kenneth Desai as Sias father, Navni Parihar as Jays aunt, and Swati Bakshi as Natasha.

Plot of Dil Jo Na Keh Saka

The movie begins with Jay and Sia parting ways after college. Jay goes to Mumbai to pursue his filmmaking career, while Sia goes to London to study music. They promise to keep in touch, but lose contact over time.

Five years later, Jay returns to his hometown after failing to make it big in Mumbai. He finds out that Sia is also back in town after her music career did not take off. They bump into each other and decide to catch up on old times. They realize that they still have feelings for each other, but are hesitant to express them.

Meanwhile, Jays father wants him to join the family business of making pickles. He also arranges his marriage with Natasha, a girl from a wealthy family. Sias parents also pressure her to get married soon. Jay and Sia try to resist their parents wishes and find ways to be together.

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and confess their love? Or will they let go of their chance at happiness? Watch the movie to find out.

Songs of Dil Jo Na Keh Saka

The movie has a melodious soundtrack composed by Shail-Pritesh. The lyrics are written by A.M. Turaz and Sandeep Singh Kamboj. The songs are sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Jubin Nautiyal, Shail Hada, Aditi Paul, Ryan Victor, and Dev Negi.

The songs of the movie are:

  • Dil Jo Na Keh Saka - The title track of the movie is a romantic duet by Shreya Ghoshal and Jubin Nautiyal. It expresses the unspoken love between Jay and Sia.

  • Bandh Khwabon Ki - This song is a solo by Shail Hada. It depicts Jays passion for filmmaking and his struggle to achieve his dreams.

  • Tanha Tanha - This song is another duet by Jubin Nautiyal and Aditi Paul. It portrays the loneliness and longing that Jay and Sia feel after being separated for five years.

  • Band Viyah Da Baje - This song is a fun and upbeat number by Dev Negi and Shipra Goyal. It is played during the wedding preparations of Jay and Natasha.

  • Gundaraj - This song is a rock anthem by Ryan Victor. It shows Jays rebellious attitude towards his father and his arranged marriage.

How to Watch Dil Jo Na Keh Saka Online in 1080p

If you want to watch Dil Jo Na Keh Saka online in full HD quality (1080p), you 04f6b60f66

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