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Rage v1.3 Update and The Scorcher DLC: Everything You Need to Know

Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW Download For Computer

Are you a fan of first-person shooters, post-apocalyptic settings, and vehicular combat? If so, you might want to check out Rage, a game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2011. And if you already have the game, you might want to download the latest update that includes The Scorcher DLC, a new expansion that adds more content and features to the game. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW, and how to download and install it on your computer.

Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW Download For Computer


Before we get into the details of the update and the DLC, let's first review what Rage is all about.

What is Rage?

Rage is a game that takes place in a near-future Earth that has been devastated by an asteroid impact. You play as a survivor who wakes up from a cryogenic pod and finds yourself in a wasteland full of mutants, bandits, and factions fighting for resources and power. You have to explore the open world, scavenge for items, craft weapons and gadgets, upgrade your vehicles, and engage in various missions and quests. The game features a blend of shooting, driving, and role-playing elements, as well as stunning graphics powered by the id Tech 5 engine.

What is The Scorcher DLC?

The Scorcher DLC is an expansion pack that was released in 2012 for Rage. It adds a new storyline that involves a group of fanatical raiders called The Scorchers, who are trying to destroy the world with a powerful device. You have to stop them by teaming up with new allies and facing new enemies and challenges. The DLC also adds new weapons, such as the Nailgun and the Authority Pulse Cannon, new vehicles, such as the Scorcher Buggy and the Monarch Hovercraft, new minigames, such as Mutant Bash TV and Roly-Poly, new locations, such as the Jackal Canyon and the Scorcher Base, and a new difficulty mode called Ultra-Nightmare.

Why download the latest update?

The latest update for Rage is version 1.3, which was released in 2019 by SKIDROW, a group of hackers who crack games and software. This update fixes some bugs and glitches that were present in the original game and the DLC, such as crashes, freezes, audio issues, performance issues, and compatibility issues. It also adds some new features and improvements, such as better graphics quality, higher resolution support, enhanced controls and customization options, Steam achievements and cloud saves, and more. The update also includes The Scorcher DLC, so you don't have to download it separately.

How to download Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW?

Now that you know what Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW is all about, let's see how you can download it on your computer.


Before you download the update, make sure you have the following requirements:

  • A computer running Windows XP SP3 or higher.

  • A copy of Rage installed on your computer.

  • At least 25 GB of free disk space.

  • A stable internet connection.

  • A torrent client software.

If you don't have Rage installed on your computer yet, you can buy it from Steam or other online platforms for around $10. If you don't have a torrent client software yet, you can download one from the internet for free. We recommend using uTorrent or BitTorrent for this purpose.


Once you have met the requirements above, follow these steps to download Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW:

  • Click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the page.

  • You will be redirected to another page where you will see a list of torrent links from different sources.

  • Choose one of the torrent links that has more seeders than leechers. Seeders are people who have downloaded the file and are sharing it with others. Leechers are people who are downloading the file but are not sharing it with others. The more seeders there are, the faster your download will be.

  • Copy the torrent link and paste it into your torrent client software.

  • Start downloading the file. It will take some time depending on your internet speed and the number of seeders available.

  • Once the download is complete, you will see a folder named "Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW" in your torrent client software.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make your download process smoother:

  • Do not turn off your computer or close your torrent client software while downloading the file.

  • Do not delete or move any files from the folder until you have installed the update.

  • If you encounter any errors or problems while downloading the file, try using another torrent link or restarting your torrent client software.

  • If you want to speed up your download process, you can try using a VPN service or a proxy server to bypass any restrictions or limitations imposed by your internet service provider or network administrator.

How to install Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW?

After you have downloaded Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW on your computer, you need to install it on your game folder. Here's how:

Backup your files

Before you install the update, it is recommended that you backup your game files in case something goes wrong during the installation process. To do this:

  • Navigate to your game folder where Rage is installed on your computer. It is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rage or C:\Program Files (x86)\Rage.

  • Select all the files and folders inside your game folder except for "Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW".

  • Copy them and paste them into another folder on your computer where you want to store your backup files.

Run the setup

To install the update on your game folder:

  • Navigate to "Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW" folder that you downloaded earlier.

  • Double-click on "setup.exe" file to launch the setup wizard.

  • Follow the instructions on screen to install the update on your game folder.

  • The setup wizard will automatically detect your game folder location and overwrite some files with newer versions.

Copy the crack

To make sure that your game runs properly after installing the update:

  • Navigate to "Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW" folder again.

  • Select all files inside "SKIDROW" folder except for "steam_api.dll".

  • Copy them and paste them into your game folder where Rage is installed on your computer.

  • If prompted to replace any existing files with newer versions, click "Yes" or "Replace".

Enjoy the game

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW on your computer. Now you can enjoy the game with improved graphics, performance, and features. You can also explore the new content and challenges that The Scorcher DLC offers. Have fun!


In this article, we have shown you how to download and install Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW on your computer. We hope you found this guide helpful and easy to follow. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Rage.v1.3.Update.incl.The.Scorchers.DLC-SKIDROW:

Q: Do I need to have the original game installed before installing the update?

A: Yes, you need to have Rage installed on your computer before installing the update. Otherwise, the update will not work.

Q: Do I need to have a Steam account to play the game after installing the update?

A: No, you don't need to have a Steam account to play the game after installing the update. The update includes a crack that bypasses the Steam authentication process.

Q: Will the update affect my saved games or progress?

A: No, the update will not affect your saved games or progress. However, it is recommended that you backup your files before installing the update, just in case something goes wrong.

Q: Can I play online or multiplayer mode after installing the update?

A: No, you cannot play online or multiplayer mode after installing the update. The update only works for single-player mode.

Q: Is the update safe and virus-free?

A: Yes, the update is safe and virus-free. However, some antivirus software may detect it as a false positive and block it from running. If this happens, you can disable your antivirus software temporarily or add an exception for the update file.

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