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Jon Speelman is one of the most successful Britishchess-players of all time, and is renowned for the creativity of his play andhis remarkable calculating ability. He is also an extremely experienced writerand chess coach. His personal selection of chess puzzles will infuriate,entertain, test and instruct chess-players of all levels.

"For anyone who wants to stay busy at the beach or on thebus (as a day not chessed is a day not lived), this book of 300 puzzles willcope with even a month-long holiday. And no-one will return home dissatisfied,as the solutions are all given at the back" - Bab Wilders, NederlandsDagblad

"…its 300 puzzles will provide readers with a plethoraof entertaining and educational examples of the vision and calculation Speelmandescribed as being the essence of tactics." - Steve Goldberg,

"A very handy selection of tactical puzzles from a trueconnoisseur. A highly recommended example of the genre, useful for honingtactical skills and for sharpening up before an event. Also ideal for journeys,traffic jams, waiting rooms..." - Phil Adams,3Cs website

"This is a traditional puzzle book except for the fact thatit is written by Jon Speelman, who is of course one of the most remarkablycreative and imaginative chessplayers around. The level of difficulty is quitewide, from the simple/well-known to the highly original/diabolical. ... A mostenjoyable selection." - John Saunders, British Chess Magazine 781b155fdc

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