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In April of 2022, my mother and I took a trip to Hawaii; on this trip we went snorkeling. That is when we met our instructor, Martin. We began to talk with Martin about his life, and upon further discussion he revealed that he was living in his van due to lack of affordable housing on the island of Maui. He then explained that housing is extremely expensive on Maui, and that minimum wage workers have a difficult time finding housing. Due to this fact, many people live out of their vehicles.

Although there are plenty of people who treat others unfairly and justice is often not serve to people who deserve it, I will always treat others right. I will never treat anyone badly no matter their race, sexuality or personal background. We are all humans and we make our mistakes and have flaws. We do not have control over our race or sexuality, but we can control how we treat the people around us. That is how I will promote justice and equality.

Knowing changes within society in achieving racial, religious and gender unification is necessary to understanding the factors of making change. Prejudice today is a great example of how individuals such as MLK, Malcom X and Ai Weiwei have shifted the culture and attitudes of society. The enormous influence these activists have had is a remarkable example of how quickly a difference of opinion can develop into a movement. Both movements in the past and present have used activism and their voices to create change within their respective communities. Some modern day examples of these movements can be seen within their respective communities. Some modern day examples of these movements can be seen with the Black Lives Matter movement, where people of the African American community spoke out on the racial violence exuded by corrupt cops, and the mistreatment of African American citizens in almost every aspect of human life. Another example is the #MeToo Movement, where women and men spoke out against the sexual misconduct of co-workers, bosses and high officials within the workplace. People within both movements came together and took a stand on their issues. There was change made in society due to their revolt against the status quo.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was known for fighting for equal rights for all people. He was a humanitarian, preacher and an activist. He was a great public speaker and used that talent to teach many people about civil injustices and how to stop them.

I am not talking about the final revelation of people who have spent a lifetime manipulating people and finally experience what virtually always occurs. I am concerned with those who seem to be cruising along, often on smooth waters with fair winds. And then, suddenly, it happens.

I definitely agree with what Micah said about our guardrails. Just like her, I also have several guardrails in my life that keep me on track. I found it interesting that BP blatantly ignored its friend who was only trying to help them. I know listening to criticism can be hard, but I think the real issue is learning to be humble and accept the criticism. We must be humble enough to accept that we are wrong to reevaluate, taking a step down from our pride stool, and make a change. I hope that the leadership in the companies and firms we will be working for our humble people. If BP executives would have listened to their guardrails they could have made changes that would have prevented the oil spill.

I thought that this topic was very interesting. Both of my parents work for HP and it was definitely a shock for both of my parents when the Mark Hurd scandal came out. I had some very interesting conversations with my parents about what they knew of him prior to the scandal. I just do not understand how someone who came across a person with a stable family life, etc. could end up settling a sexual harassment case. Situations like this make me much more aware of my own personal guardrails. I hope that they continue to grow as my career progresses. If

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