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Dhaval Roy of The Times of India rated the film 2.5 out of 5 stars and wrote "You may enjoy the movie for its performances, but if suspense thrillers are your jam, you may feel deceived".[5] Grace Cyril of India Today rated the film 2.5 out of 5 stars and wrote "Selling scripts like these as top-notch thrillers starring superstars is the biggest dhokha with the audience! The highlight of the movie is just the climax. If suspense thrillers are your thing, give it a go. Also for Aparshakti and Khushalii's performances".[6] Deepa Gahlot of Rediff rated the film 2 out of 5 stars and wrote "At no point in Dhoka: Round D Corner does the tension build up as it goes quickly from thriller to unintentional comedy".[7]

full Dhokha movies

There are four main players in the story: Yatharth Sinha, the husband, Sanchi Sinha, the wife, Haq Gul, the alleged terrorist and Inspector Harishchandra Malik. Sanchi is seeking a divorce, Yatharth insists she is mentally ill, Gul holds Sanchi hostage and Malik is in-charge of the operation to nab Gul, who escaped from his custody with a mini AK47, snatched from Malik. Each of these four have their axe to grind in the episode and works towards that end. Each accuses the other of lying and deception, and sometimes the deception is there for all of us to see. In the end, one of them is going to die, another is going to lose his sense of balance and the other two will escape unscathed, with their crimes undiscovered and their cover-ups fully in place.

What lies round the corner in this slipshod hostage drama is a whole bunch of lies. That is something that the title makes no bones about. What it does not tell us, however, is that the acts of dhokha being perpetrated aren't confined to the plot. They infect the film, too. Dhokha Round D Corner, in cinematic terms, dishes out deception all around.

Much has already been said about the quality of the acting in this film. It would be unfair to blame the cast for failing to paper over the numerous creases that mar the script. The film subjects not only the audience and the actors but also the medium and the genre to a massive dhokha they could have done without. is one of the Best Websites/Platform For Bollywood and Indian Movies and Series. We also provide south movies like Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies, and also Bengali, Punjabi, and other local movies. We Provide Direct Fast Google Drive Download Links For Secure Downloading. Just Click On Download Button And Follow Steps To Download And Watch Movies Online For Free. 350c69d7ab

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